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About Apostle Dr. Rose Brown

Apostle Rose is the Founder and Presiding Prelate of The Kingdom of God Fellowship Church, W.O.R.D. Fellowship, and International Fellowship of Churches and Ministries. She is the CEO and Executive Director of The Refuge Enrichment Community Center, KOG Bible College, Life Change Seminary, 5-Fold Ministry Academy, and John 316 Publishing. She was the Overseer of the Food Pantry and Clothes Closet assisting the Rockingham County community prior to leaving North Carolina and helping to take care of the basic everyday needs of men, women and families. She is now building to assist the community and Hernando County, Florida.

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Her passion is seeing people of all backgrounds saved, healed, delivered and set free from the things which hold them bound and captive to the things of the world. Her calling and mandate is to teach and equip men and women in the work of the ministry, then setting them to go forth into all the world fulfilling the Great Commission.

She preaches, teaches, mentors and coaches through apostolic revelation and oil to empower and enlighten God's people for kingdom work. Her mission and mandate is to strategically plant teaching centers nationwide, bring Believers back to the heart of God through the love of His Word. From this, her desire is to have men and women experience the true power of God's signs, wonders and miracles that follows the Word.   

She strives to teach the importance of holy living and taking a righteous stand that brings glory to God.  She is a strong believer that there is never a place or room for compromise.  In order to fully experience the beauty of real and true worship one's life must be that which is uncompromising. Apostle Rose works diligently and faithfully to fulfill the call that God has placed on her and those whom He has sent to labor along side of her.

Additionally, she purposely teaches Jesus' command to make disciples of all people and each of her services focuses on Discipleship Building.  Our Mission, Statement of Faith and Core values keeps us rooted and grounded in the things of Christ.  Looking regularly at our nation and the world in which we live in today, God has revealed to Apostle Rose the state that not only the world is in, but also that of Body of Christ.  The love of many has waxed cold and are leaving their first love and running after idols.  She is witnessing daily how Believers are not seeking like before that closer walk with the Lord or desiring personal and spiritual growth.

January 2017, God instructed Apostle Rose to teach on the Seven Mountains of Influence that is not only affecting the world, but is influencing the Church today.  Those influences are coming from the social systems of Family, Religion, Politics and Government, Education, Arts and Entertainment, Business and Economics and Media.  We can see without a shadow of doubt how these social systems are making a massive impact on the lives that all people live and are influencing those who profess Christ and salvation are now choosing more of the things of the world system over the things that brings God glory. We are living in a crucial time and it is vital that Americans and world citizens understand what is happening in the world around them and take their rightful place in standing for holiness, righteousness, justice for all and peace.

Apostle Rose White Brown was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and raised in Reidsville, NC.  She is married to Mr. John Louis Brown.  She received her calling to preach and to the Office of Pastor in 2002 and to the Office of the Apostle in 2011. She is an ordained Apostle and Pastor and has been led to place herself under the covering of International Ministries Fellowship, Apostle George & Pastor Grace Akalonu , International President.  

She is the author of numerous publications, including, The Apostolic Ministers Manual, Ministry of Hospitality, Healing Scriptures and The Workings of The Holy Spirit.

Are you looking for someone to speak at your next women's conference, prayer breakfast, function or gathering?  Then contact Apostle Rose today.  Fill out the online request form or email her directly at kogfc@outlook.com.  


John's love and passion for music has caused him to reach out to the community providing his ministry gift of keyboarding to touch the lives of men, women and youth around the nation. He has traveled extensively around the globe with other music artists and today strive to be a blessing to everyone he meets.

Call to book him today for your next celebration or event i.e., wedding, anniversary, graduation, family reunion, friends day, cookouts, and more.

Email him today at johnilovemusic1958@gmail.com or complete the information here and we will contact you soon.

Our Team

Meet Who Makes it Happen

Barbara Baker

Rev. Baker, Pastor of the Kingdom of God God Fellowship (Global) Church, our church without walls, Director of The Refuge Enrichment Community Center (Eastern Region), and Associate Professor of the School of Ministry.  She holds an Associates of Biblical Studies and Bachelor of Prophetic Ministry with emphasis in Pastoral Ministry. She started with our ministry in late 2015 visiting our home fellowship in North Carolina.  Since then, she has been dedicated to growing our ministries and delighting one life at a time.

Thomas C. White, III
Elder and Executive Director

Elder White, our Senior Elder is a Trustee of the Kingdom of God Fellowship Church and Director of The Refuge Enrichment Community Center.  He is a retired army veteran with the expertise and commitment to excellent personal care service to keep men, women and families coming back to hear more about love, forgiveness, compassion and caring.  He is an advocate for Seniors, Caregivers, and military men, women and their families.  His always encouraging spirit will not only encourage, but it will challenge you to go higher no matter what life has to offer.

Prayer Team

Our Intercessory Prayer Team consists of men and women committed to praying for individuals, marriages, singles, cities, states, nations, circumstances and situations.  They range from different walks of life and have a passion, mission and mandate to pray. For those on Face Book we have a group page called "Empowered To Pray Network" and we are hoping to build a network of intercessors and prayer warriors all across the globe that will enable a 24 hour prayer ministry to manifest and go forth 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Our Ministries

Wise Choices
Business Consultant 

Starting a new business?  New church or ministry?  Let us handle your incorporation, complete your Non Profit documentation, establish your policies and bylaws, get your Federal Employer Identification Number and more.  We will provide you with valuable guidelines, tips and resources to use to help your business and/or ministry to grow.

Our vision is
our compass

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Our mission is to reach those local, statewide, nationally and internationally with the message of what Jesus has done for them. To see lives and families restored by the grace and goodness of God, and to equip each person to walk in the plan that God has for their lives.

Teaching, Equipping, Activating and Releasing men and women to go forth doing the work of the ministry, making disciples, feeding the hungry, providing for the needy, caring for the widows and orphans.


Everything that we believe is encapsulated in the person and work of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the complete expression of God’s heart towards a sinful humanity. Rather than condemning the world, Jesus died for us to set every captive free from the chains and bondage of sin. Therefore our faith is founded on the truth that through Jesus we can be made right with God and walk in a sincere relationship with Him, being transformed daily through His grace and the work of His Spirit within us. Jesus is always at the center.

Jesus came to set EVERY captive free.


The truth is that all of us have messed up at one time or another. We have all done things that we shouldn’t have done and sinned against God. Through Jesus however, we can receive forgiveness and restoration as the free gift of God. As believers we are not perfect people, we do not have it all together, we are not better than unbelievers. We are simply forgiven.


Dr. Rose will help you kiss self-doubt, undermining and second-guessing yourself away. Her focus is to help all to live the life of confidence each one was created to live out and walk in.  

Listen and be blessed
 Dr. Sandra Scott Wright


We believe that God has brought us together so that we may be an expression of His love to the world, through our digital church located globally via social media and teleconferencing. We welcome all people because our acceptance is not based on what they have done, but instead on what God has done for them. We believe that God wants all believers to be in a community where they can grow and be equipped in their walk with God.

Through RBM’s Me Too ministry, we anticipate interacting with hundreds of women every month, sowing encouragement, hope, love and healing into their lives. Our focus is to deliver Bible study materials, hold empowerment encounters … spreading love and giving them hope for redemption, not only in their hearts, but also with their families.

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The International School of Ministry, an associated vision through which men and women outside of the United States of America receive absolutely free training in Bible based Kingdom Ministry! You can also receive free resources for processing believers in your ministry into disciples; training and equipping them to become able ministers of the gospel of the Kingdom. This is the only way the gospel of the Kingdom can be preached in all nations for a witness before Christ returns. You can email us at kogfc@outlook.com requesting for the prospectus and course notes.


An academy and learning facility based in the United States of America which provides certificates for its graduates and ministry licensing for those preparing to either go into ministry or to continue their growth in active ministry work.  Students can attend from any part of the Continental USA via our distance learning program.  To enroll, email us today at KOGFC@outlook.com.  You can also visit our website at 5foldacademy.webs.com/ to enroll online.  

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We are here to stand in the  gap and to pray with you and for you.  Email us today your prayer needs.

The Refuge

Bringing forth hope in times of disaster and trouble

When RBM receives news of a disaster, the Disaster Relief team of The Refuge Enrichment Community Center is contacted, our affiliate outreach company moves into action. Whether it’s a hurricane like Katrina or Sandy, the 2012 drought, wildfires or tornadoes, we react quickly to personally assist our Partners and Friends in the affected areas. We stand with you so that no matter what the enemy throws your way, you’ll be ready to declare, “To God be the glory!”